Bubba Bump Baby Wrap Carrier - Grey

Bubba Bump Baby Wrap Carrier - Grey

Bubba Bump
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Our BubbaWrap is light weight and made from organic cotton materials. Suitable for 0-36 months. The BubbaWrap is made out of a gorgeous cotton jersey material which ensures the best comfort for your little one and you. It is ridiculously simple to put on- once you've tried it you willl be addicted! 

See below for the amazing benefits of Baby Wearing. 

Wrapping your precious little one helps the connection grow between the two of you. 'Baby Wearing' as it is fondly called keeps your baby close to you. The warmth and comfort of your skin and heartbeat acts like a magic 'turn off' switch. It is great for colic episodes and a life saver if your baby is being clingy.

Putting your bubba in the wrap calms them beautifully. 

It gives you your two hands back and at the same time enables you to feel close to your baby.  

Babies that are carried

  • Cry less
  • are physically better, as it is less time lying flat
  • are emotionally better off. They are close to you, are less anxious and spend more time in a quiet, alert state. While in this state they are better able to learn about their environment and develop mentally and socially.

Baby wearing makes for easier parenting- you can give your baby the attention and closeness they need, whist having the freedom to do other things.

Babywearing allows you to bond with your baby and learn to meet your child’s needs more quickly. It also helps mothers who may be suffering from depression to nurture their babies with less effort. Premies and sick infants also grow and heal faster when worn, especially when the baby and parent are skin-to-skin. This is sometimes called “kangaroo care,” and is increasingly practiced in hospital neonatal intensive care units